Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas For Man

birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Gifts can become extremely special if it caters only to one person and is made only for him or her. Such gifts can make a person feel very special on any occasion. Personalised gifts come handy when you want to make someone feel surprised just by gifts. 

Personalised gifts are very much in trend these days, and the market is full of such items. Even these gifts are available in the online gifting stores. Personalised gifts give you the option of being creative enough. To make gifts personalised, all you need to do is imprint photos, names, quotes etc. on different objects. 

Choosing gifts for a man can be difficult at times. But personalised gifts can be a saviour in such cases. If you are looking for some personalised gifts for your man, then you are in the right place. Here we have curated a list of personalised gift ideas which you can choose for your husband, father, or any other man in your life. 

Photo clock-

Photo clocks are the table clocks with a photo printed in its background. You can choose to print a photograph of the person you want to give this to, and you are good to go. This can be given on any occasion. 

Photo Cushion-

Cushions are not just a decor piece but are very cozy. They look quite aesthetically pleasing if chosen properly. They can be a decorator if selected accordingly. There are options to personalise the cushions these days with photos. You can get a solid-coloured cushion and print the photograph of the recipient on it. It looks amazing and can be gifted on any occasion. 

Personalised Wallet-

Wallets are the most useful item for men. So to keep the practicality in mind, you can get a wallet with their name initials printed on it. It looks classy and is useful too. You can get this birthday gift online too.

Personalised Bluetooth speaker-

To all those music lovers, a bluetooth speaker is their favourite gadget. So you can get a bluetooth speaker with an LED photograph as a cover print on it. The photo glows once the speaker starts playing. They look beautiful as a decor piece and are practically useful.

Personalised Pen-

I know the world is becoming digitalized, and the use of the pen is reduced much. Yet the pen fans are still prevailing. Even with the stylus being more popular in the market, the use of the pen cannot be denied. So you can get a personalized pen for the man in your life. You can engrave their professional name or initials on it. They look very classy.

A personalised belt-

Belt is another very important accessory for men. So to make it special, you can get them a personalised belt on which their name is engraved. You can choose the colour of the belt according to your choice. 

Personalised Coffee Mug-

Coffee mugs as a gift sound cliche, yet it is trending in the market with its new personalised version. You can get a coffee mug of your choice and get the photograph or quotes or both printed on it. You can also choose those mugs in which the photograph glows when something is poured in it. There are more varieties available in personalised coffee mugs these days. Choose one for the birthday boy. 


For that cool look for their birthday, you can choose to get them a T-shirt with their photographs or quotes printed on it. These days, T-shirts with different quotes are also available like coolest daddy, or best husband or amazing brother, from which you can choose accordingly. Along with the T-shirt you can also get them some birthday flowers. You can order birthday flowers online too. 

Personalised wooden name plate-

If you want to get something different, then you can get a personalised wooden name plate with the name of the person printed on it. It looks aesthetically pleasing and is a great gifting option. You can also choose the font style, colour and pattern in which you want your name plate to look like. 

I hope you find some inspiration and ideas from the above and will choose something from the list for the man in your life.