Lead Generation and Affiliations: 5 Steps To Get Started

Lead Generation and Affiliations

It can be defined as qualified contact, and in the purchasing phase, lead generation is an effective solution for companies to win new customers. In other words, generating a lead means detecting new consumers. How to go about identifying new potential customers to prospect.

Step 1: Preparatory Steps

Before embarking on the generation of leads and affiliations, a provisional plan must first be established:

Setting Commercial Objectives:

It is a question of defining the volume of sales to be reached within an exact period. It is from these objectives that we can determine the number and type of consumers to be convinced.

Market Research:

It must make it possible to identify the expectations and needs of future potential buyers. This helps in determining the commercial and marketing actions to take.

Competitive Intelligence:

It consists of examining the strategies chosen by the competition, particularly in terms of product, price, distribution, communication.

Choosing the Right Channel:

This relates to finding the most effective channels to attract the attention of leads. The performance of the channels differs according to the profile of the leads, even if they are located in the same sector.

Step 2: Improving SEO

Aside from traditional prospecting techniques such as telemarketing and telephone prospecting, digital has become a prevalent means of creating leads. In terms of On-Page SEO, it is about optimizing the website to improve its positioning. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose the tags, keywords, meta-description, and titles.

This step increases visibility, attracts new customers, etc. We can also go through a marketing and communication agency to transform visitors into new customers, as in this example from SEO, where the principle is to support the user to find the service that will be most beneficial to him.

Step 3: Setting up a Content Strategy

It’s about defining a content strategy thanks to the optimized website. Once visitors are attracted to the site, they must be encouraged to explore its content. This phenomenon is only possible if visitors are well informed. The information disseminated on the site must provide a high added value that drives action.

This is to introduce the brand. To promote the content, it is a good idea to set up a newsletter or offer content to download. This action makes it possible to gather the contacts and to feed the prospecting database.

Step 4: Using Social Networks

Social media has become a big trend at the moment. It is about creating and leading a group or a community to establish a relationship of trust for businesses. This audience engagement is essential insofar as the platform allows us to know customers’ opinions of the products and services offered. To increase sales and detect leads, companies can use the “social selling” method.

Step 5: Online Advertising

Online advertising is a significant investment, but it is an effective way to expand your audience. It is possible to host an advertisement on the website of a third party. In this way, the redirect to the advertiser’s page is done by a simple click of the surfer. It is also possible to envisage other tracking tools to follow up on the targeted leads while navigating.