Create a Spiritual Atmosphere at Home with these things

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There are days when everything feels frantic and chaotic. Everything seems to be in mismanagement and out of your control. Especially in the present times, when we spend time at home more than ever, there is always the lingering thought, absence of calmness around the house. Every minute is alive with the urgent necessities of daily life. Amidst this, do we have time to connect with god? Here are some tips for you to evoke spiritually across your house so that you can have peaceful days and nights and find more strength to struggle your way out

1.     Declutter and keep decorations to a minimum

Clutter is an enemy to mental peace. Too much furniture and decorative items may cause unrest to the eyes. Spiritualism is all about believing something bigger than our attachment to materialistic things and experiencing something greater than our sensory organs. So, keeping it simple is the clue. Keeping fewer things around will make you more detached from worldly matters. It will help you to make a better connection with god.

2.     Earthy colors are best

Choose earthy colors for your interiors. Loud colors make our sensory organs too activated, contrary to softer tones that calm our senses and try to induce a spiritualistic environment around the house. White, grey, or shades of beige can induce a sense of serenity and relaxation inside. Chromatic harmony is very vital when you are searching for inner harmony.

3.     Choose natural elements for home decor

Any natural element calms our senses, and keeping simple designs creates an aura of simplicity devoid of human life complications. Natural fabrics like linen, cotton, jute, or wool can be used for the fabrics around the house with muted colors, while wood with sleek designs is best for furniture.

4.     Add Islamic wall paintings to the living room

Modern Islamic calligraphy paintings are a masterpiece when it comes to home décor. If it is about spirituality, these Islamic canvas wall paintings are religious art forms from the ancient period. Islamic art is non-figurative, and primarily the calligraphic and architectural elements are used in the paintings. The calligraphy focuses on central religious texts of Islam, and religious structures are the architectural elements. No wonder hanging an Islamic wall painting for bedroom evokes the sense of religious clairvoyance.

5.     Introduce more indoor plants

Nature brings us great joy and helps us come closer to the cosmic powers. Since its inception, the creator has created us humans to be a part of nature. However, we have denied His wish and distanced us from what was evitable for us. Adding more indoor plants to our indoors will bring us closer to nature and thus to God. Introduce more plants to your house and understand how greenery affects our soul by looking and feeling them each day.

6.     Keep electronic distractions at a minimum

Overuse of electronic devices might introduce restlessness to your soul and are highly distracting in the path of spiritualism. So, if you want an atmosphere where spiritualism is praised and sought after, keep your life free of electronic devices as much as possible. Limit watching television or mindless surfing through the net and focus on your right priorities.  Do encourage your family members to do the same by showing how it is possible to stay out of gadgets and live a simple intangible life.

7.     Play praise music

Music is capable of influencing a person’s mood hugely. While some play music according to our present mood, others use music to soothe our senses when disturbed. Praise songs are a great way to invoke spiritualism in the atmosphere. Play praise music every day or as per your convenience in a soft tone and see how wonderfully the vibes inside your home changes into something serene and compels you to think about the greatness of the cosmic powers and their creator.

8.     Perform prayer rituals regularly

Humans invented prayer and rituals to help us to connect with the almighty. Different traditions follow different rituals to perform their prayers and connect with God. Know your cultural tradition or, you can adopt a ritual that best suits you and your lifestyle. Try to perform it routinely. These rituals never fail to endow the performer with tranquility and the feeling of being one with God.

Endorsing spirituality is the only way to fight back the daily unrest that we are experiencing in our present scenario. Connect with your spiritualism to connect with your inner tranquility.