Can I Sneak In Tree Removal After Hedge Trimming?

Hedge Trimming

Who doesn’t love a beautiful yard with lots of greenery? Perfectly pruned trees and trimmed hedges are a dream come true for most homeowners. However, achieving this isn’t as easy as it may seem; it takes hard work and time to maintain a yard.

Not just for aesthetic purposes, tree care is extremely important for every tree’s health and the surrounding plants. It also stimulates light saturation and enhances air circulation for better growth.

Nowadays, there are several affordable tree service providers, who offer services like hedge trimming, tree removal, stump removal, and overhanging branch removal. All of these services are equally as important to help the trees in your yard thrive.

However, some people may be a bit confused about some of the tree care services – they assume the experts will come and wave their magic wands, and their yard will look beautiful and clean.

Unfortunately, for most, this isn’t how it works. Tree care services include many separate services, and you cannot sneak one into another, and they can be done at the same time. Services such as tree removal and hedge trimming are two different services with different purposes that use very different tools.

Tree removal is all about removing a dead or dangerous tree that can cause harm to you or your property. However, if you want the roots or stumps to be removed, you will have to pay for a separate tree stump removal service.

On the other hand, hedge trimming is the process of trimming hedges to give them a tidy look. If a hedge is old or not trimmed for a long time, it starts looking messy and also can be home to insects that will ruin the hedges and other plants. These days, hedge trimming has become an art; experts create a masterpiece with them. Most tree service providers will also be sure to clean the yard before they leave.

So, logistically you cannot move these two services into one because they are so different. The main reason to convince their service providers to fit two services into one is to make their three services more pocket-friendly. Well, I have a better idea to save you some money on your tree services.

There are so many arborists on the market, and not all of them are equal. They aren’t all high-quality and decently priced. However, it is possible to find one that fits your budget and quality, with some research you will have the right arborist at your door.  

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